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According to function we differentiate non moving joints from slightly and freely moving ones.


(Greek syn = together, arthros = joint, plural synarthroses)

Synarthrotic joints are pretty much immovable, like for example the sternocostal and the tibiofibular joints.

We find a lot of them in the axial skeleton where stability and protection are given priority over mobility.

They provide us with firm bony attachments and help protect our organs.


(Greek amphi = on both sides, arthro = joint, plural amphiarthroses)

Ampharthrotic articulations are generally slightly movable like the joints between the vertebral bodies or the pubic symphysis.


(Greek dia = through, between, across, arthro = joint, plural diarthroses)

A diarthrotic joint is a form of articulation that permits maximal motion, as for synovial joints

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