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If you are new to our courses you will find a few valuable instructions here, if you have done one of our courses already you know what to do – click “Mark Complete” and ONWARD!

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Course Navigation

If this is your first course and you need some help with the general structure and progression of your course, you will find information on how to use the course software here.

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For seasoned hands – move on, nothing new to see here.

Course Hierarchycourse hierarchy

Courses are made of lesson, lessons made of topics,  a topic is the smallest independent unit of the course.

Course or Learning Objectives

At the beginning of each course you will find your Learning Objectives. They are your guide for what you have to learn and understand.

They also build the basis for the test questions.


Quizzes come in a variety of forms and help you review the subject. They are based on the course objectives.

icon - attentionEnsure all previous topics and lessons are marked complete before attempting a quiz!

Formative Tests or Revision Quizzes

Their main purpose is the deepening of your understanding, passing or failing is no an issue here.

Most of those types of quizzes are set up so you get instant feedback on your answers.

Summative Tests or end of course tests

Summative quizzes usually finalize the course and will show you whether you have successfully completed all objectives.


Sliders are similar to revision quizzes and let you go over learned content to see what you have remembered.

They are the internet equivalent of the good old flash cards

Stop them placing the mouse over them. You can flip them round when you are looking for an answer, then you can

Sliders can also be seen as a type of formative quizzes.

Questions and Answers

Independent from being categorized as formative or summative, the quizz questions and answers can be organized in different ways

Attempts possible – Some quizzes you can only do once, others you can attempt multiple times.

Time – Some quizzes are timed, but most are not restricted time wiseicon time

Random – The questions might come in the same order each time of may be randomly shuffled. The same is true for the answers, the order of the answers for each questions can change

Pools – Some of the quizzes draw on question pools where for example you will be asked 30 out of a total of 50 questions. This is often the case with the summative tests where you get only a selection of a larger number of questions.

MindmapsCOURSE Features of synovial joints

Mindmaps are like graphical road maps, they show you essential things and the connections.

Get into a habit of creating some, especially if you are a visual learner.

Use colour! Draw pictures!

Moving on to next topic

At the end of each topic in most cases all you have to do is check the “Mark Complete” button at the end of the page.

When you have completed a topic it will show a green dot on your content index.

Remember to go back to the beginning of the lesson to mark it as complete once you have completed all your topics. This is also a good time to check whether there is a quiz to do as well (it will say at the bottom of the page).mark complete

At the end of some lessons there will be an activity in form of a little quiz or a worksheet. They will help you consolidate what you have learned.

Sometimes worksheets have to be uploaded.